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New Job Vacancy Announcements

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This post has a total of 86 replies. The most recent 25 are shown below, you can view the complete archive here: New Job Vacancy Announcements archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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Reply 62

yibeltal Setargie

"Application for jobs"

I am one of the Ethiopian graduates of 2010 Ethiopian Civil Service Collage .I am graduated M.Sc. Degree in Devlopment Economics on July 10, 2010.

From July 22, 1997 - Nov 23, 2008, I worked in Amhara Region Bureaue of Agriculture on different workes . From Nov 24, 2008- Janry 15, 2008 Plan and Inspection expert in Amhara Regional State Finance & Economic Development office. From January16, 2008-Sep24, 2009 Monitoring and Evaluation expert in Amhara Regional State Capacity Building Bureau.From August 7, 2010 to date Capacity Building programs evaluation and supporting expert in Amhara Regional State Capacity Building Bureau

Now days if I get vacancies that my profession can fit I have great commitments for work and available every time . Hence if you get any jobs for me I am ready for any Exam or interview and you can call me via my email

thank you for reading my message.

Reply 63

Abdissa Bekele

"Senior Advisor of development and good governance at MOFA"

Dear sir,

Iam Abdissa Bekele, an MA graduate from AAU in IR(International Relations) in April 2007. I have 9 years work exprience as lecturer, students' dean, department head, club coordinator and founder, trainer, researcher, conflict managment and transformation director , equitable development directorate director, senior advisor , public relations officer, book transilaitor and I have developed alot of modules for Africa Beza University College of Nekemte Campus and Oromia Education Bureau.

Now, I am ajob seeker,

So, any body who want(like) to work with me can contact me with:

mobile:0911370334 and using my email address.


Reply 64

melkamu kumsa

" seeking a job by degree in pharmacy"

i need ajob related to my profession
Reply 65

Mebet Abebe

""Job seeking""

I am one of graduates from Arba minch university in 2010.I am graduated in medical laboratory.So if i get related vaccancies i am ready to fulfill the requirements.I am happy to work in any organization that fits my position.Please contact to my phone 0912807689.Thanks for your great concern!
Reply 66

andargie workinech

" i graduated in political science and international reletion from AAU IN 2009"

Reply 67

Teklemariam yemanekrstos

"Job seeker"

Hi! I am one of ethiopian graduate in july 2010.

I graduat in Economics from Aksum university.

Now aday I am ajob seeker if I get vacancy that feet with my profetion I have a great comitment to work and available every time.hence if you get any job for me I am ready for any exam or interview so please call via my email.

thank you for reading my message

Reply 68



I graduated in B.A. at the department of management in the regular program from Bahir Dar University in July 2010. Now days if get vacancies that my profession can fit I have great commitments for work and available every time . Hence if you get any jobs for me I am ready for any Exam or interview and you can call me my email
Reply 69

Yasmin Ahmed

"job application"

I'am Graduated from Jimma University in the field of business Administration and Information system Now i'am finding job in NGO.
Reply 70

Yasmin Ahmed

"job application"

I'am yasmin Ahmed, I have BA in Business Adminstration & information system

I'am working in goverment inistitution, i'am happy to work NGO.

Reply 71

metasebia tebebu


i have a diploma

i have 2 years experiences

Reply 72

Seble Mamo

"Bsc Nurse"

I'am working on TB/HIV more than 8yrs, I'll be happy if I get a Job in NGO.

I have Bsc in Nursing.

Reply 73

mekonnen meretea


I am mekonnen & i have 8 years experience as an accountant in east Gojjam Diocese & EOC-DICAC on HIV/Aids prevention & Control Office.
Reply 74


"ideal work"

My name is Enderias.

I am looking co-ordination some one who has capital to open new job in world especally in Ethiopia.The project name is...changing idea

ideal person building

mental investement

decreasing eating giving high value for mind and positive thinkers b/c know most of Ethiopians measuring there quality by color and clothe this also show that some dark parts of there the individual have some financial capacity you are welcome to co-oprat me in this project thank you.

Reply 75

Dinka Itefa

"Project Director"

My name is Dinka Itefa I was graduated from Haramaya University with BEd in history. Since then I am working as a project director in Compassion International Ethiopia assisted project which is found in eastern wollega zone Nekemte town. Therefor I have four years experianc to manage and lead any project.Indeed, by this time I am learning Sociology and Social Antropology from Wollega University starting from oct. 2002 E.C . This means that now I am Second year students.Therefore I am ready to be imployed where my proffession allowes me.For more information phone me on this 0911950640.
Reply 76


"Not Job Seeker,But NGO's Seeker"

My name is Tesfaye D.Currently, I am a head of one of governmental Organization in Oromia Region, Special Zone surronding Fifinne, Burayu City Adminstiration .

I have MA degree in Urban Mnagemen and first degree in Accounting.

Now I am looking for NGOs to be recruited in relating my qualification.

Thak you

Reply 77

Kidist Abera

"Executive Sectretary"

I have Diploma with Secretarial Science and Office Management from St. Mary's University College.

I have three years relevant work experience

Reply 78

Zebib Eshetu


I am an Accountant , I am seeking an organization that will enable me to learn and serve better every time.
Reply 79

Tewofadros Asse

"machine Operator "

Tewodros Assefa


0911 13 84 65

"To whom concerns"

In your organization there might be a need for printing professional.

If there is a vacancy pleases conceder I as an application for works is related to be my profession. I am very interested in your organization and believe that I wail exploit my effort properly I have fifteen years work experience in Ethiopia Adventist printing press. I am confident to be excellent candidate for your job’s am welcome to make an interview with you. In addition to I am graduated in IT for diploma program in Admass University College.

Thank you for reading my message

Reply 80

siferaw legesse

"vacuncy seeker"

i am graudated from ambo univarsity in rural Development, and i also have a work expreince in about 8 years in related fieled , so i am seeking for jop apportunities in GOV or Non -GOV organisation


Reply 81



My name is senait Bedru,

I am graguated from Mekelle University civil engineering (Diploma) in 2007 & have 2.10 years work expeariance in EEPCO GilgelGibe II Hydropower plant as a site inspector . If you have vacancies in any civil works including road my profession can fit & I have great commitment for work . Hence if you get a job I am ready for exam or interview.

You can call or e-mail


Reply 82

tedros yemane

" Medical Laboratory technologist"

I'M tedros yemane. I have BSc degree in medical laboratory Now i'm finding job in governmental and NGO institution.
Reply 83



I have a BSC in crop and horticultural Science and i have 4 years experience in office of Agriculture and NGO
Reply 84

Elias endeshaw

"degree in nursing"

I am graduates in 2010 central University college.know iam working in alert hospital.

Now days if get vacancies that my profession can fit I have great commitments for work and available every time . Hence if you get any jobs for me I am ready for any Exam or interview and you can call me 0911182998 or 0913443992.thank you

Reply 85

Addis Ababa
Thank author of this post/comment"B.A in Economics and on the verge of completing my M.A"

I need job. If you are interested to assists me please contact by mobile number 0910194677. I have got my B.A from Addis Ababa University with a good C.G.P.A of above 3.00. I have 3 years of work experience in planning and programing and by now I am learning my M.A program at Ethiopian Civil Service University.
Thank author of this post/comment"I WANT TO JOIN FAO"

My name is Desta from Debre Zeit, 8 years experience in agricultural research with MSc in horticulture. I'm happy to join you and work with you in fulfilling the development goals.
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 86 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: New Job Vacancy Announcements archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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