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i need jayalalitha email id for join admk, pls help me

i need jayalalitha email id for join admk, pls help me
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This post has a total of 80 replies. The most recent 25 are shown below, you can view the complete archive here: i need jayalalitha email id for join admk, pls help me archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

This forum post has messages dated from 02/26/10 through 07/16/14, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

"to join in our party"

i would like to join in our party...........
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I am already working to aiadmk but i want amma mail id lot of thing my area devolpe ment i will tell to only for amma.



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People in India, aren't aware of politics, they are looking after their life only.take Tamilnadu as example, b'coz of karunandhi, Hindi languauge was abolished, wat is the use? he is telling, he won't believe god, but, why he is going with muslim and celebrating ramzan, by drinking and eating along with them.Mere to again votes from Muslim and now he started 'URDU' in schools.Now, Tamil won't get destroy?b'coz of URDU?He is giving 5, 000 p/m to poor muslim family and christian poor family people, my question is why, he is not giving 5, 000 p/m to poor Hindu people?there is no more poor in Hindu aa?wat dravidian movement, he is following?he is supporting christian and muslim, to gain votes.In pakistan, anyone, will support for Hindusim? think?I'm not against of muslim and Christian, my voice is, government is ignoring hindu people, considering only other religious to gain votes.Chidambaram said, "SAFFRON TERROR", a week before varanasi blast has happened and muslim group was accepted.wat he will say now, "GREEN TERROR" (b'coz muslim people done it).He won't say, since he does not have dareness to face muslim, but, watever he thinks abt Hindu, he will say."WAT HINDU'S are waste people?"My thought is Congress and DMK are playing with Hindu people only" .
"I need jayalalitha amma contact as soon as possible"

Dear madam,

I need your mail id or your no to contact.

My father was so involved in your admk party for more than 24 years.

My father used to tell about you.

I was so impressed on you.

I am studing Engineering.

my aim is to become an I.A.S.

I will fullfill my wish as soon as possible.

But my father is still haven't achieved his dreams.

It can be successfull only with your wish.

I hope you may make a note on this message.

Thank you

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A. lakshmanan


i want to join aiadmk, and i need membership card.
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"I need to join in AIADMK party."

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"my suggesstions "


Selvi. Amma, Jayalalitha Avl,

Party President,

AIADMK, Tamilnadu

The Most Respected Madam,

This is an ordinary lay man of your well wisher is pen you about your ministry of AIADMK at Tirunelveli district. The coming elections will be very favor of yours to get your leadership in Tamil Nadu. The progress what you are moving with officials are very soft and intellectual. The rhythm of our party’s growth are getting step ahead of growth in ratio with good percentage around Tirunelveli district. So it’s mostly confirmed that our party is ruled again with your headed ministry of yours after the coming elections.

Nature of Tirunelveli :

The city, Tirunelveli, is traditionally good and advanced in religious prospectus as you know very fabulous than me. The religious people of Hindus, Christians & Muslims are populated with more or less equal value of ratio. In all the religious sectors, they believe their God or Goddess in a most spiritual manner of their supreme. If they get the religious attack through our misguided actions in any sense, it will be the great issues and it drawn back the name of our party, I hope.

The Mass of Yours :

The strategy of people of most ratios needs changes and it against the ruling parties. It pictured and exhibited in the meetings headed by you. The AIADMK meet at Coimbatore, Trichy and Madurai headed by you are the sensational meet which resembled the support of yours’ victorious mementoes and it needs to get continues with good prospectus.

The eve of sensational issue of “Spectrum” is enough for us to get your hands up again in Tamil nadu. The related meet was staged here at Tirunelveli and Palayamkottai recently with the remarks of output answer. The meet as leaded by the politicians Mr. Naanjil Sampath, Mr. Subramaniasamy, Mr. Palaniappan and others were topically crashed with the concept and how it happened and how it connected with DMK and Congress parties. The entire illegal activity done by Mr. Raja was portrayed to the public in an easy manner of way to understand.

I really surprised with the crowd in all the meets conducted for this Spectrum issue around Tirunelveli. I proud to say that the crowd was massive in all the meets, I observed. The cause of this crowd will be the answer to you to take again in to Fort in the coming election.

Needs to Change:

In above, I quoted as Tirunelveli is traditionally based with people of religious and pious. For the past ten days, a flex board was fixed in the centre place of Tirunelveli which pictured with our former chief minister M.G.R., the God of AIDAMK. The resemblances, loyalty, guide and philosopher to our party is M.G.R only that no one can change this and you are the great follower of him is cent percentage of true.


the stills of M.G.R are designed with the body sculpture from the religious statues’ pictures. The face of M.G.R is graphically pasted on the picture of the stills of Statues. According to the party members, it shows their pious and affection on the former party leader. But it gives the great calamity among the people in all the religions. Because the stills of M.G.R is portrayed in the statues’ symbols of God of Hindu, God of Christianity and Muslim.

Among the people, it was a great issue of action against AIADMK it seems now and it instantly needs to get clarified with good prospectus. Tirunelveli and Palayamkottai are named and called as Educational Areas. The most of the educational institutions are formulated and functions with the base of religious concepts. So, the most of the percentage are educated here at our district. It’s a matter of small issues, but it will affect our named strategy in a deep cost in future. If an ordinary pious one seems this flux picture for a while means, our party is the looser of more existences.

Happens like this to be taken out from today itself. Please make your solicit concerning peculiarly on this and make your favorable actions regards this. The event of little things and points can change the people at any time or moment particularly in the side of religious moments. So, it’s my kind request to you to make your gentle formulations and do the needed favor.

Be frank to say, I was a supporter of DMK and recently quit my mind fully from there and get the fellowship supporter of you. As to say about myself, I am working in a NGO sector for monthly base scale. I feel and sense to do something favor to you as for my best level of my ideas and requests to take our Party stands permanently in Tirunelveli District.

Thanking you,

Sincerely yours,

Yours devotee

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Esther anand

"Devaki hospital chennai"

Madam ,

I am ESTHER ANAND who worked in Devaki Hospital in Mylapore

i have tried many times to meet u for the past 7 to 8 yrs i have

given many applications to your PA but i cannot get any response

from u madam i dont even know whether the applications are reach

you madam Num:9840707591, 9500053357



Devaki Hospital

Thank author of this post/comment"Need to Join in Indian Politics"


I am R S KARTHIIK from Chennai and I am qualified in Political Science and I am interested to join in Indian Polictics in AIADMK.

After experienced a worst Political Administration Mr. Karunanidhi, I decided to join in AIADMK.

Because I don't know how many off them worry about the politcal status of our Tamilnadu, but if this situation continues the whole Tamilnadu have to work as an slave to all foreign countries not only that even we will be a bonded slaves to other states like Andhra, Karnatka.

Right now I am working as an System Engineer, my life is going smooth, but I have seen the people those who are suffering lot in this country.

So I decided to Join in any parties and do some good things to our country men

As Abdul Kalam said if an youngster comes to Political that time India would become and Super country but that is an Nightmare, because nobody will allow to the youngsters in the politics in the central Sonia is trying to keep promote Rahul Gandhi and Menaka Gandhi for next election, they copied that from Mr. Karunanidhi. I would like to ask an question to this whole world, Karunanidhi had announced 1 kg rice for 1 RS whether Karunanidhi use that rice for his daily meals, No, His whole family is stealing our country that too they have Ilangar Anni who is the president is MK Stalin whether he is an Youngster No, on south side MK Alagiri stealing on another side of the country. There are lot more in my heart.

I would like to join in AIADMK or DMDK if anybody knows there mail ID I would be very pleased to them.



R S KARTHIIK (An True Indian)

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shanmugam a

"job - reg"

Dear Sir/Madam

Your reply is of great important, all information needed is intact and all that matters now is your respond if you are interested. Kindly get back to me with your full contact i.e address, company name if any, phone no. You can reach via my personal email id:




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sheik mohideen

"I need amma chiefminister again in Tamilnadu"

I want to make a project for amma again will come to chief minister in tamilnadu, I will do hard work and deserve my self to find the correct way and make survey in every district, public people pulse and how to reach them in election time like that everything I want to tell our respectable amma.Now I am in saudi, I will come feberuary and meet amma .
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"i am working in Bahrain "

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Thank author of this post/comment"advance vishes"


Iam deepest aiadmk thondan, whish u advance whishes for next chief minister for is 100 percentage conform and iam also praying to god.and important think for iam staying in vanour-tk and villupuram-distick, pls providing seat for the coming mla election good, healthy, honourable, hardworker, deepest aiadmk person pls provide and select that type of person sure win for vanour-tk.

Thank author of this post/comment"Join to AIADMK"

Dear Friends,

I am Krishna prasath from tiruppur.

Any person is living in tiruppur and like to join AIADMK party

plesae contact me prasathlevesque @ gmail. com

procedure : need minimum 25 persons

and any person living in out side of tiruppur

pls go to AIADMK party office near to you, with 25 persons and meet that ward chief and fill the member form and pay Rs.5/per head and get the party id card


Krishna Prasath

Thank author of this post/comment"I NEED TO JOIN THE ADMK "

My name is selvaraj living in madurai.My father name is P.Raju one of the leader in madurai corporation contractor & vaigai builders association leader of tamilnadu.But I am a NRE. I intrested to work social service through ADMK.I want to tell you some thing different, please come and save the people living in tamilnadu and mainly madurai. you can only save them why because they all are in critical stage because of mr m. karunanidhi and his whole family. you are the write person to rule tamilnadu.i am ready to help you in any way. please escape the great tamilnadu from "mr.Karunanidhi family" for this i can help you at any way.this is my promise.wish you all the best from your lovely son.please note my mobile :9965289114, res:0452-6458441.

So pls let me know the procedure of joining ADMK.

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Tamil Nadu(salem)
Thank author of this post/comment"I want to tell some ideas before election to jayalalitha"

I want to tell some ideas to jayalalitha before the election so i want her email address.please some one give the email address.
Thank author of this post/comment"amma email id"

I'm 21 years old young girl interested in politics and i took amma as my guru and role model, will you please send the email id of amma please please.
Thank author of this post/comment"request to political leaders"

Hello Sir/Madam,

This is a kind request to you, please don't disturb public by asking votes to election, we are suffering alot so please kindly avoid the meetings and other activities in public places especially bus stands.

Thank author of this post/comment"wish you all the best"

I am very glade of your party victory of thai election. Thankyou ammah please extend you kind hand to our srilankan tamil people.
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Thank author of this post/comment"Need a job"

Amma i finished B.E Mechanical in kongu engineering college at Erode.

My native place is Thiruvallore.My father Mr.M.perumal is painter and mother Miss.P.pachaiyammal is housewife. I bought a education loan in indian bank and finish my carrier.. Now i need a job for save my family. Please help me.. I kindly request to you arrange a job to me...I will send my Resume to your email id.. Please send your email id to me..

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Guziliamparai (Dindigul Dist)
Thank author of this post/comment"ASSEMBLY BUILDING"

The Assembly building constructed by the previous Government in Guindy is not utilized by the present Government headed by J.Jeyalalitha on the ground that the building is not enough space and not constructed properly. The building may be completed in the present stage itself with some financial assistance by the Government. Further it may be handed over to some other departments which are functioning in private buildings in Chennai. It is better to handed over to Tamil Semmozhi library and large number Tamil Books may be donated and people may be induced to read there. Or the building may be utilised for Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission office with some modifications. There is no need for Commission of enquiry for the building which is waste of money and time. The Government may reconsider it and take suitable decision in this matter as early as possible.

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Guziliamparai (Dindigul Dist)
Thank author of this post/comment"EDUCATION"

Dear madam

The court have given the correct verdict in respect of "Samaseer kalvi" case. The verdict of the court may kindly accepted. The lessons in all subject may be reviewed especially in Tamil book and some unwanted subjects may be deleted.Additional book may be included for the deleted portions. It is not correct to appeal to Supreme Court. If the SC reject the petition filed by the state Government what is the next action. We should not play with the students. Already two months have lapsed. If necessary next year all the books may be changed and new books may be introduced. For this purpose a new committee may be formed with high level educationalist from now it self and the new books may be printed before the opening of the school. Kindly consider and do it needful.

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Guziliamparai (Dindigul Dist)
Thank author of this post/comment"HOSPITAL"

Best wishes for converting the new assembly building to Hospital and medical college. This Hospital should be a number one in India.
Thank author of this post/comment"To thank directly"

"Honourable Our Chief Minister J.JAYALALITHA AMMA"

I want to thank you "Puratchi Thalaivi Amma" for many things directly. Kindly Please give me any day one appointment to meet & thank you.

Thanking You


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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 80 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: i need jayalalitha email id for join admk, pls help me archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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